Your ChatGPT Evolution From Innocent Thesaurus to AI Overlord

Justin Hart
4 min readMar 28

The world of artificial intelligence has brought us ChatGPT, a powerful AI LLM model (large language models) with a broad range of applications, from writing a short story and researching how many licks it takes to get the center of a Tootsie Pop.

A note of caution: as you immerse yourself in the ChatGPT experience, you might find yourself progressing through several phases, each with its unique benefits and risks. The journey can become a slippery slope, as dependence on AI slowly takes over your life. Join us as we explore these phases with a touch of humor, while highlighting the growing sense of unease and foreboding that accompanies AI addiction.

Phase 1: The Thesaurus

It all begins with ChatGPT serving as your humble, unassuming word-slinging companion. Like a pocket dictionary, it’s there to help you find the perfect expression, giving your writing that extra sparkle. It seems innocent enough — just a tool to occasionally enhance your language.

Phase 2: The Intern

Slowly but surely, ChatGPT morphs into the intern of your dreams — always eager, never complaining. It drafts proposals, emails, and website content while you sit back and sip your latte. It’s like having your own personal assistant, ready to do your bidding at a moment’s notice. But as you delegate more tasks, a subtle reliance on AI begins to form.

Phase 3: The Girlfriend Whisperer

In this phase, ChatGPT takes on the role of a Seinfeld-inspired relationship guru. It crafts heartfelt messages, helps you impress your date with newfound expertise on niche subjects, and guides you through the complexities of love. ChatGPT becomes your confidante, but as the AI starts to shape your interpersonal relationships, you begin to wonder: are these connections genuine or manufactured?

Phase 4: Neo from…

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