The Case Against Climate Alarmists

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Today, President Trump signs an executive order rolling back some of the work that President Obama undertook to fulfill the majestic promises of his 2008 acceptance speech — “this is the moment the oceans began to recede!”

Global warming, climate change, science and politics have combined to brew a very noxious mixture. However, recent scientific data and popular polling show that citizens of the world (in the UK and US in particular) have begun to seriously question the more stringent claims of climate change proponents.

More importantly, almost everyone believes that handing a blank check to an international body with global power over our lives is an awful solution even if there were a global crisis to solve.

In short, there are many, many people and scientists who simoultaneously hold the beliefs that 1) global warming may be real and 2) it is not the disasterous boil foretold by soothsayers whose predictions have turned out false and laughably false again and again.

I’ll take just one key issue to address in this post: the hockey stick.

This, it can be said, is one of the pillars upon which rests a good portion of global warming claims. Certainly, it can be said that it is the public-facing most prominent poster child for governmental propaganda inspirations. (As an example, every citizen in Canada was sent a pamphlet on the topic after it became popularized.)

The infamous chart was produced by Michael Mann et. al. in a 1999 report and was dubbed “the hockey stick” as it portrayed gentle average global temperature changes and then an abrupt burst of warming as the industrial age set upon us thus — producing a “hockey stick” figure. The theory and implications behind the graph told of catastrophic warming leading to global changes impacting all of mankind.

The milieu today finds anyone who denies this catastrophic trend labelled a “climate denier.” For any thinking person the claim of “science” goes out the door when lambasting opposing thought in terms of the holocaust.

Today, the hockey stick has been widely discredited and the political applications proposed to ward off the predictions of climate disaster even more widely dismissed.

But don’t take my word for it. Mark Steyn, a best-selling author, recently published the decisive tome on the matter: “A Disgrace to the Profession” examining the controversy and quoting legitimate global warming scientists who widely criticize Mann for his hockey stick.

Calling upon a fair use context, I include samples of the quotes here as screenshots from chapter headings in Steyn’s work. A must buy and read.

You can see the quotes from a good sample of the 100+ seriously credentials scientists who take on Mann and his hockey stick.

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