Cryptocurrency Whale Hunting: How One Investor Made 100x Return on SafeMoon

Justin Hart
3 min readApr 13, 2021

New paradigms bring new metaphors to a whole new audience of hungry investors. To review: a“whale” is an investor of cryptocurrency (or anything for that matter) which holds a large enough chunk of coins to impact the price if they choose to sell. In the early days of an alt-coin this can make or break the brand.

SafeMoon is no exception — the hopeful darling of the hype-coin market has been weathering a pod of whales who are cashing out on some very fortunate (and very savvy) investing. The term “whale” is nothing new and has been used in traditional investing for years but with all eyes on the crypto, and tens of thousands of investors watching the pot boil minute by minute, you can bet every large profit-taking moment is going to face scrutiny.

Of course, one of the key differences between retail stock investing and crypto-coin trading is that the latter is built on an open source of transactions. You can literally watch in real time every wallet and see what they are doing with their investments and trades.


That’s not a covfefe typo — that is the address to one of the most valuable wallets on the alt-coin market — the largest holder of SafeMoon coins on the planet. Think of SafeMoon as a large ledger with buys and sells and holds and all of it listed for the public to see. Online tools like this one make it super easy to parse this data and find some surprising insights!

Screenshot of top wallet holders for the SafeMoon AltCoin from

You can actually see ALL of the current coins “attached” to that wallet with other tools as well. That’s right, his holdings in SafeMoon are valued over $30 million.

Screenshot of the biggest coin holder on the SafeMoon BEP20 chain

We can discuss the ethics, advantages and awkwardness of stalking an investor in realtime like this but it can also help alleviate jealousy, FOMO and you can get some great tips on alt-coin investing.

As I alluded to in my previous article a well-timed investment on the first second of the first hour of SafeMoon’s launch would yield you something like $8 million. But the bulk…



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