Crank Up the BaaS: Bitcoin + SaaS is the New Gold Rush

Justin Hart
2 min readJul 19, 2021

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”

Have you ever tried to explain Bitcoin to someone? It’s not easy — yet the core of cryptocurrency is pretty straight forward: cut out the middleman.

Still, the key tenants of crypto — what Michael Sayer calls “a masterpiece of monetary engineering” — are technology-driven and have created layers of complexity. Like any other “new” tech the early adopters are perfectly willing to run through any maze to get their coinage. While BTC and ETH are easy enough to garner try one of these explainers on someone you know:

  • Try explaining gas fees to someone just entering crypto.
  • Try convincing a lay user that a MetaMask Chrome plug-in is totally kosher and not risky.
  • Try walking your mom through writing down a dozen wallet keyword phrases and keeping them somewhere safe.
  • Try explaining the Rube Goldberg machine of dollars to BNB to BNB Smart Chain to Pancake Swap routine to buy a new coin on the BSC chain.
  • Oh — and grab that coin address for a simple cut and paste.
  • Did you find your secret hidden Trust Wallet browser yet?!



Justin Hart

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