As Bitcoin Drops, SafeMoon & Hype-Coins Move to the Basement Bargain Bin

Justin Hart
2 min readJun 22, 2021

As I noted 3 months ago, if you invested $100 at the launch of SafeMoon you would be a millionaire. Even today, at 70% below its high mark — you might still be a millionaire.

However, that type of potential life-changing wealth is becoming less a reality and more of a question mark. At the start of this massive retail surge in cryptocurrency, if you bought early it meant a 10x or 100x or 1000x return within a few days. Now you can buy into many of these coins and catch right up with the early birds.

The price has flatlined.

The price of SafeMoon from early May to June 21st has dropped 70% from its high.

Becoming a “billionaire” SafeMoon token holder required a $10K investment just a month ago. Now you can join that club by plopping down $3K easily (at the time of this writing). The exclusive status of having the foresight to invest in a 100x alt-coin has now given way to basement bargain bin!

In truth, there’s nothing much for SafeMoon hodlers to do but wait. I include myself in those numbers. So much time and effort and wealth has gone into some of these hype-coins that only faith will get you over painful downwards slopes side by side with Bitcoin.

Bottom line: the longer the sub 1-cent / quadrillion coin meme tokens spend in the sideways position the smaller the chances of ultimate long-term wealth success.

As we noted in April — a good gut-check on a coin is to gauge the number of potential millionaires and billionaires it will create down the road, presuming it grows at all. A month ago only 25K of the 2.5 million SafeMoon holders owned a billion tokens. With the price flatlined for weeks now that number has likely grown by 3 or 4 times. The universe is not about to reward 100,000 people with millionaire status via SafeMoon any time soon.

So HODL or sell and buy the dip of Bitcoin!

Justin Hart

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