In the 11th century Pope Urban II issued the earliest known “Indulgence” — a document certifying that a petitioner’s good actions in life would shorten the required penance beyond the grave for offenses they had committed. In short — you were paying the church for forgiveness of your sins. These penances allowed the Catholic church to increase its treasury and relieve its believers of much guilt. It became a pretty robust market and shakedown frankly.

1000 years later we find ourselves in a similar moral quandary: many upstart cryptocurrencies compensate for lack of any real world use case by giving…

This is a tense moment for BitCoin and the cryptocurrency market. Everyone seems to be waiting on the other shoe to drop but these same folks expect a decent run to ATH for before the fall. The best is yet to come!

Here’s the honest truth. We can’t get to ATH without your dad and mom and uncle pitching in. The Boomers need to show up and we need to bring them to the game!

I remember a conversation I had with a friend of my parents. We were talking about Bitcoin and I asked if he had bought any.

New toys are always exciting but they can seriously skew our mindset when making investment choices. Envisioning all of those zeros your bank account can hold. This can seriously crowd out logical thought. But SafeMoon is an exciting and potentially lucrative risk. Let’s look at the numbers.

I’ve written here this week about 100x investment one SafeMoon holder took on the coin and also on expectation setting for the cryptocurrency itself but here’s a good gut check you can use on ANY alt-coin coming of age.

One way to think about the potential opportunity (and limits) of SafeMoon is to…

New paradigms bring new metaphors to a whole new audience of hungry investors. To review: a“whale” is an investor of cryptocurrency (or anything for that matter) which holds a large enough chunk of coins to impact the price if they choose to sell. In the early days of an alt-coin this can make or break the brand.

SafeMoon is no exception — the hopeful darling of the hype-coin market has been weathering a pod of whales who are cashing out on some very fortunate (and very savvy) investing. The term “whale” is nothing new and has been used in traditional…

If you invested $100 in SafeMoon just about a month ago it would now be worth $8 million. I missed that window by like 2 weeks!

SafeMoon is the crypto-coin that launched a thousand coins — and a few scams too! If you hadn’t noticed, the crypto-coin market has gone mainstream. If you’re somewhere between the ages of 18 and 40 you can probably syphon through all the Discord and Telegram chats to figure out how and buy these crypto coins without shelling out $60K for a pretty Bitcoin over an established exchange— welcome to the alt-coin market.

The process…

Say what you will about the first months of the disease… the improvement and success of dealing with COVID-19 is undeniable — even in Florida! ESPECIALLY in Florida.

Team Apocalypse keeps moving the #COVID19 goalposts. Cases one day, deaths another, now their focus is on hospitalizations. Fine. Let’s use our Florida Case Line data to examine that.

This is a meaty chart but if you take 30 seconds to follow the 1,2,3 I think you’ll get it.

If you look at JUST May and June you can see how much testing was done in June to find more cases. The…

A thread on how Latinos may have saved Southern California from #COVID19 — and a word of warning to my City by the Bay!

First, look back on June 18th. Latinos, who make up 35%+ of California’s population (via CDPH), represent 55%+ of all cases!

Race & age in a treemap:

Now fast forward to July 18th (CDPH will update tonight at 3AM. As we all know #COVID19 takes weekends off). Look at those case jumps. What is a treemap?
Size indicates the number of cases.
Darkness indicates the most deaths.

21K cases for 18–34 rising 130% in 30 days!

Treading carefully here.

I’m a data guy so I wanted to know what the data says about race. Let’s look at hate crimes:

California is the most populous state in the country (and most diverse) and they have very broad hate crimes statues. But look what has happened since 2001:

We’ve seen an uptick in reports over the last few years but we’re talking a few dozen incidents in difference. 241 hate crimes against blacks in 2014 vs. 276 in 2018. And when you break out the type of crimes nearly 30% are property crimes with hate crime statutes triggered.

I love data. I share data openly. (I even published a set of charts and stats around my newborn’s breastfeeding habits and diaper changes!)

But Google/Apple just gave the govt the ability to tell you you’re standing too close to somebody else… and I’m not even kidding!

Justin Hart

CMO at large. I live at the intersection of AI, machine learning and marketing. It’s a busy corner! (I need to model that).

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